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10T City Crane (Bubble)

Our 10T City Crane - Bubble Crane is great for tight access sites, with 4 x 4 drive and steer
and at only 2 metres wide and 24.9 metres of boom it is one very capable machine.

Weight 12,750kg
Dimensions- Length 6155mm Width 2000mm Height 2850mm
Outriggers fully extended requires approx 6.2m long x 5.5m wide set up area.
Lifting capacity- 3T @ 6m, 2.5T @ 7m, 2T @ 8m, 1.8T @ 9m, 1.4T @ 10m, 1.25T @ 11m, 1T @ 12m, 

900kg @ 13m, 800kg @ 14m, 650kg @ 15m, 550kg @ 16m, 480kg @ 17m, 400kg @ 18m, 320kg @ 19m, 

250kg @ 20m, 200kg @ 21m, 160kg @ 22m, 160kg @ 23m.